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Nysist Products

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The Nysist brand was established with the goal of being American made, American durable, and American dependable. For example the Nysist solid brass hose nozzles are manufactured here in the U.S. using heavy duty solid brass, a proven design and quality workmanship. The result is top quality durability and long lasting dependability. The Nysist brand stands for quality that can be counted on. Quality products that are made here in the USA is what the Nysist brand is all about.

Brass Hose Quick Connect Set

Non-breakable! no plastic or rubber parts to crack, break or fall apart

Fits standard garden hose thread (GHT) and comes with 3 extra hose washers and an extra quick connect washer

Brass Hose Sweeper Nozzle

Solid One Piece Heavy Duty Brass Construction

No plastic or rubber parts to crack, break, or fall apart

Powerful High Pressure Sweeper Nozzle great for blasting off patios, sidewalk & driveway or cleaning gutters

Brass Hose Nozzle

Tired of leaky hose nozzles? Try this Quality Heavy Duty Solid Brass Nozzle made with a proven leak proof design

Ultimate High Pressure Garden Water Car Washer Nozzle 

Adjustable from fine mist spray that's great for delicate plants to a powerful pressure jet stream for knocking off caked on mud







Quality leak proof design

No plastic or rubber parts to creak, break, or fall apart

Includes BONUS sweeper nozzle included for FREE a second powerful high pressure sweeper nozzle for blasting off sidewalk & driveway or cleaning gutters

Heavy duty two part construction from solid brass

Replaceable front and rear O-ring seals for leakproof shutoff


Adjustable from fine mist to shower spray to powerful pressure jet stream

Proudly Made In USA!

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